Friday, May 12, 2017

Manage Your Weight Loss With These Tips

When it comes to managing our weight loss, there is unfortunately no special magic trick that has been known to work. A far better way to manage your weight loss is by approaching it sensibly. These weight loss tips are a great place to start.

Cut Down On Your Consumption Of Processed Food

With their high levels of fats, sugars and salt, processed foods can jeopardize your diet. To lose weight your aim should be to eat more of natural foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and pulses and avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates. If you don't want to cut off carbs completely, switch over to brown rice and whole wheat breads instead of the white variants.

Drink Plenty Of Water
If there is one thing all health experts agree on it is the importance of drinking plenty of water. The daily recommended amount is 8 glasses. Unfortunately, many of us do not drink even half that amount. Water helps flush out the toxins and speeds up weight loss. Herbal teas are a good substitute if you do not like plain water but fizzy, caffeinated and flavoured drinks are best avoided as these contain hidden calories and often result in bloating.

Increase Your Activity
We know we should be exercising more but we just ignore that advice. The fact is there's nothing better than engaging in a bit of activity to shed those excess pounds quickly. So pick yourself up from the couch and get moving.

Not sure what activity to choose? Don't get overwhelmed by aiming to lift heavy weights or running a few miles. Start with something simple. Go swimming with your kids. Take your dog for a brisk walk. Get that cycle out of the shed and cycle to work or to the grocery store.
The idea is to stop thinking of it as exercise and think of it as fun time instead.

Start A Food Diary
Many studies show that keeping a food diary can be very effective at helping you cut down on the calories. Try it for one week. Write down everything you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also include whatever snacks and drinks you've consumed during the day. You'll be surprised when you start tracking all the food you've eaten during the day. Keeping a diary also helps you identify triggers that may cause you to eat more so you can plan for these days and explore different ways to resist the temptation.
Getting support for your weight loss goals is an excellent way to stay on track and not give in to temptation. Call Trinity Medical Group if you are looking for more tips and support to reach your your weight loss goals. Also check out our new Blog Post on Tips To Reach Your Weight Goals.

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